Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm at Lefty!

Throughout elementary and middle school, I was always very strong in English. I was very good and reading and writing; however I dreaded math and science. Math required much more studying and hard work than writing did. I used to be able to sit down and write about anything without a problem.

My brother, who is four years older than me, was the exact opposite. He was always very strong in math and science but struggled in English. He could solve any math problem that was given to him, whether or not he had seen that material before; but he had problems writing papers.

Now that we are both in college, we have traded places. He loves to write and is very good at it. In fact, he is an English major at the University of Texas at Austin. As for me, I love math. It makes sense to me because it has an exact answer and there is no room for debate. I’m looking at being an accounting or finance major.

So how did this happen? I find it interesting as we grow our thinking completely changes. I have moved from right side of the brain to the left. It is very hard for me to sit down and write this blog, for example. To be honest, I have been sitting in my friend’s room for three hours with my laptop in my lap with a blank word document open the whole time. For my friend, she is an excellent writer. It comes very naturally to her and she writes fantastic blogs.

So how do math people make a good blog? I have written other blogs but they have not been very good. I have tried but nothing seems to bring out good conversation. Any tips?

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