Thursday, April 3, 2008


I am writing my paper about leisure.

In high school, most teens would come home from school and want to relax. Sitting in a desk, learning new material, and trying to make good grade was simply exhausting. They grab a snack, sit on the couch, and watch TV. Hours go by and they haven’t budged. This is how the majority of teenagers spend their free time. Watching TV, playing video games, and surfing the internet are a few of the popular choices. However, this does not help us grow as an individual. I am arguing that we need speed our free time participating in active, physical activity.

Being active is helpful in many different ways. First off, the more active we are, the more we fight obesity. America has a huge obesity problem. We overeat and don’t exercise. By doing active leisure, we become healthier which improves the quality of life.

Secondly, physical activity also improves stress management. We learn to time manage which makes us focused on our day and the tasks we need to do. Our concentration improves and the flow state is inevitable.

Lastly, active leisure helps with our emotions. The more we do active things that we love, the better our attitudes are. For example, I love to dance. In my spare time, I play a song and practice my dancing. I become very concentrated on what I am doing that the flow state happens naturally. Because dance is something that I love to do, I leave feeling great and my mood has improved.

Physical activity leads to great things in our life. The flow state is inevitable and the quality of life will greatly improve with the benefits of active leisure. We don’t need to waste our psychic energy on the TV which will hinder us from growing.

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